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We Train to Improve Outcomes

Our consulting service focuses on improvement through multiple key areas:

Technology Integration

Developing, launching, and integrating new technologies and products to serve fire response crews on site.

Decision Making

Improving the split-second decision making process in responders and leaders through training.

Skills and Competency

Targeted exercises and practice experiences develop essential skills for 21st century fire responders.

Product Development and Implementation

We offer expertise in the development and implementation of products and technologies in the fire services industry. We specialize in evaluation, product development, product testing, market identification, product valuation and distribution channel identification as well as implementation and integration into the fire service industry. We also provide specification, procedure and guideline technical writing services.

Leadership and Command Training Education

We offer incident command training from the levels of acting officers to command or executive officers. Within our command training section we cover initial on-scene incident topics, RIT command, command safety and scaling command for different sizes and types of incidents. In addition to command training we offer leadership education programs to help develop the next leaders in the industry. Our leadership programs are built to create a mindset of passion, integrity, discipline and direction resulting in competent decision making.

Active Shooter/Active Threat and Trauma Training Education

We offer training for the modern day active shooter and active threat incident. Topics covered include basic airway management, hemorrhage control, triage, patient packaging and transport, tactical movement, and incident command. Our services range from initial skills competencies to active shooter/active threat program implementation.

Tactical Athlete and Fitness Training Education

Tactical Athlete and Fitness Training Education is taught by certified ACSM certified fire instructors with over eight years of experience directing physical training for hundreds of personnel from a major metro Atlanta fire department. It is driven by the necessity to adopt a culture of health and fitness for performance and personal well-being. Training prescription is developed utilizing acclimation and progression principles through the application of appropriate frequency, intensity, duration, and types of exercise. Success is monitored by baseline on ongoing performance testing.

Fireground Competency Training Programs

We offer a variety of programs that focus on fireground skills competency. These competencies include search, forcible entry, ventilation, hydraulics, hose/nozzles, fire dynamics and fire attack. We accomplish training and competency of these skills through individual repetitions and through company level evolutions simulating truck company and engine company situational work. These programs are built and backed through experience and science based research from the fire service industry.

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Expert Training and Programming

Our training team has over 200 years of experience in the fire service industry and is prepared to tailor our programs and courses to fit your needs.

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